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dogs we have produced
Two of our dogs, littermates Ginger and Red Bull IIg
Aires 1st competition pulling 4,150lbs @ 1 year old,
Chopper X Ruby
Aires littermate brother, Preacher Jr. @ 1 year old & 105 lbs
Tess, 1 year old
Maddix 1st WP as novice, 11 months old
Angus on the left, another Chopper X Ruby littermate.
Dodgions "Big Louie" of Lewis out of PreacherXBuffy. He is a UKC Champ and
is pictured here at 11 mo. old ! Way to go Bob & Paulette

Jimbo Dickerson's "Joker" at 8 mo. old & 107lbs
Red Bull X Shiva
"Chaos" Red Bull X Shiva at 9 mo. old.
Dean's Bubba of Lewis with his best friend Conner
Dean's Tina of Lewis, Red Bull X Shiva 2 years old below
Fred Rose with his dog "Brick" this guy's a monster at 19mo. old in this photo!
Robinson's Goliath of Lewis at 11 mo. old, lookin' good
Reyes' Dosia of Lewis, Best in Show Bully Pup
River Valley ABA Club Show, Lodi, April 7 2001
Best in Show Bully Pup June 2&3 2001 ABA Nationals

Here's Shrek at 10 mo. old with his mom, Cindy.

Lewis' Lil' Lulu

Buddha, at 18 mo. owned by Kelsey Smith doing some
bitework at the show in Lodi

Harley, out of Preacher X Buffy
Goka at 6 mo. old , Preacher X Buffy owned by Jose Lopez "Hose B"