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our contract & guarantee
We at Lewis' Bulldogs will assign picks in the order that we receive deposits and based on the price, sex, and quality of the requested dog. A deposit of $250 will hold your pick. All puppies must be paid for in full before being picked up by, or shipped to you. We can ship puppies to most any destination, and are willing to assist you in making your shipping arrangements. Puppies may be shipped at 8 weeks of age. You as the buyer are responsible for shipping, crate, and health cert. costs. We will have given your puppy its first 2 immunization shots, you are responsible for the rest of his regularly scheduled shots and care (if pup is with us past 8 wks, we will continue with shots until shipping or pick up). We guarantee that you will receive a healthy pup, free of Parvo or other communical diseases. If the pup were to become ill within the incubation period of leaving our home, and the illness can be traced back to us, we will replace the dog free of charge. We would require proof from your vet and the pup must be checked by your vet within 48 hours of your receiving him for this guarantee to be valid.
We also guarantee our dogs against DHD (Disabling Hip Dysplasia) and Congenital heart problems for 2 years. We would need written proof from your vet and reserve the right to a second opinion from ours.
Any replacement dog would be of equal value and from the next available breeding. We will supply the dog free of charge, the shipping charges will be yours. Before a replacement is shipped we need proof of the dog being destroyed, or spayed or neutered.
Guarantee is void if the dog is denied proper medical attention, used for weight pulling, abused in any way, or has been bred.
I agree with the terms above and any other below that we had added
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Additional terms:

Print and sign copy, send with deposit