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Lewis' Big Red Machine aka "Chopper"
Chopper is our pick male from Red Bull X Shiva.  He is 109lbs at 22 months old so he is competing in the 125lb div. He is pulling very well now and has recently pulled 4,150 lbs in competition & 4600lbs in training. He won the 125lb class in his first sanctioned APA Pull at 12 months old.  in his 2nd APA sanctioned pull, 13months old, he won most weight pulled at 3,310 lbs and Highest % of Body Weight pulled at 30.64 X Body Weight. In his first 3 IWPA Pulls, Chopper has earned his WP Superior (WP3) as well as in the APA. He is an IWPA Silver Medalist after his 1st IWPA season coming in 2nd only to Blade who set the wheels on carpet world record.