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     Red Bull is a double bred "Tyson" and is mostly line bred MGK lines. He is every bit as good as his pedigree. Red has really done well in his  weight pullinging career.  He was the Region 10 IWPA Bronze Medalist in his first season and Silver in his second. He  has won the Most Weight Pulled both days and Highest % Body Weight pulled in his first IWPA Event at only 19 Mo. old.
    His first time out in the Show Ring, he took Best Male Pup. At the ABNA Delhi Show he took 3 2nd &1 1st place 1-2 yr Classic Male.We look forward to a great future for Red and he has turned out to be a fine Stud.
Red Bull  is 115 lbs. hard muscled at 3 years old
IWPA WD Superior Title  
OFA Prelim Fair
Ref# 1022766
We miss you Red....